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Presidents Corner


Well, this has been a year of firsts.  When Dave Maher stepped down due to a move to Cary, NC, I was shanghaied, uh, promoted to be the new president of Charlotte Scale Modelers.  Bear with me, the learning curve is steep!  The club is well established, and we've got some good experiences under or belt.  Our latest venture was attending the Region 12 contests in Myrtle Beach this last weekend.  Fifteen of us (wives included) had a wonderful seafood dinner on Friday before the contest.  On Saturday morning, we hauled our entries over to the former Myrtle Beach ABF Recreation Hall for what would be a very well executed contest.  It did my heart good to see all the Air Force memorabilia on display in the lobby.  There were a lot of high-quality entries across the boards.  Charlotte did well, taking several awards.  Photos of these will be published in the near future.  One thing that came out of the contest was the number of comments expressing an interest in doing another Charlotte Scale Modeler's hosted contest in 2025.  This will be brought up at our April meeting, and I am already doing some legwork to find a suitable venue in our immediate area.  Statay tuned!  Until, then, get back to your workbenches and build something!


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